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Meredith came to real estate after years as a classroom teacher and administrator. Even as an educator she was always a student of the hill country market starting with her first home purchase in Buda back in 2000. She always had a dream of becoming a realtor and has been able to make that dream come true and exceed her wildest expectations. Her passion is helping clients, whether its first time home buyers, veteran home owners or investors locate that perfect property. She and her husband, Brad (a home builder), along with their two children, Ashlynn 13, and Liam 7 still enjoy an afternoon of “riding around and looking at houses” even though it is her career now. In fact, one of the kids’ favorite things to do is go into model homes in new neighborhoods. Meredith and Brad have lived in the area for 20+ years. They both moved here to attend Southwest Texas State University and for the most part have never left. Except for a 24-month stint in Dallas that only served to confirm and re-kindle their love for this part of the state. Feel free to contact Meredith with any questions you might have about real estate transactions or home building. Whether you purchase or build with Meredith or someone else she is always here to help

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